Terms and Conditions

Competition & Objectives

  1. The Beiersdorf Battleweeks (hereinafter referred to as "Battleweeks") is an event at which selected Participants conduct research and analysis in order to identify trend fields of the next years within FMCG industry, and propose brand concepts and product solutions. The teams are competing against each other over the course of four weeks with two selection rounds.
  2. The Battleweeks are organized by Beiersdorf AG (hereinafter also referred to as “Organizer”). For support and consulting purposes, the Organizer has commissioned The Hackathon Company GmbH.
  3. The Battleweeks take place in the period August 6 to September 6, 2021.
  4. The objective of the Battleweeks is to identify trends as early as possible or even set them in order to offer the most relevant products / services to our consumers. Detailed information will be revealed to the Participants at the start of the event.

Application & Participation

  1. Entitled to take part in the Battleweeks are natural persons who are at least 18 years of age at the time of application. Participants are students and professionals.
  2. Applications for participation in the Battleweeks will only be accepted via the "Apply Now" button as well as acceptance of these Conditions of Participation. The Participant affirms that the personal details provided by him/her in the application are true and correct. Each Participant is responsible for ensuring that his/her participation in the event does not violate existing regulations of his/her employer, educational institution or similar. Applications that do not comply with the application form are invalid and will be excluded from participation.
  3. The application deadline can be found on the Battleweeks website https://oscar-and-paul-battleweeks.beiersdorf.com/. The receipt of the application will be confirmed by an e-mail sent to the applicant’s e-mail address provided in the application form.
  4. The number of Participants is limited to a maximum of 100. At the end of the application period, those persons who are invited to participate will be informed. The selection process ensures that the Participants have a certain heterogeneity to develop exciting new ideas and solutions in teams.
  5. There is no legal claim to participation in the Battleweeks. The Organizer selects the Participants at its own discretion. The winning team will receive an attractive prize, which can be found on the Battleweeks website.

Procedure of Event & Duties of Conduct

  1. The requirements or terms of reference as well as the evaluation criteria for fulfilling the task of the Battleweeks will be communicated by the Organizer before the event begins. The participants will be divided into teams.
  2. Each Participant is responsible for the IT equipment necessary for the participation in the event. Each Participant must provide his own hardware and software. Both commercial and freely available software may be used. If commercial software is used, the Participants are obliged to have the appropriate licenses for this purpose.
  3. The languages of the event is English.
  4. For the duration of the event, the Organizer and its assistants or agents are authorized to give instructions to the Participants. Instructions are to be followed to avoid risks.
  5. There is no claim for financial or other compensation of a Participant against the Organizer.
  6. At the first round presentation and final presentation of the Battleweeks, the Participants will present their results to the jury in their teams. The jury decides on the qualification for the final round as well as the winning team of the Battleweeks. The decision will be based on the criteria announced at the beginning of the event. A cash payment or exchange of a prize claimed by a Participant is not possible. Details of the procedure will be announced on the Battle Weeks Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.
  7. Beiersdorf AG reserves the right to compensate prizes offered as trips and that cannot be taken due to short-term travel restrictions with equivalent cash or non-cash prizes.
  8. The Organizer reserves the right to interrupt or terminate the Battleweeks at any time without prior notice (and prize distribution) or to exclude individual Participants from participation for good cause. Important reasons are especially those reasons that would disturb or prevent the Battleweeks from running according to plan. This includes the attempt of a Participant to use unauthorized aids or otherwise gain advantages through manipulation as well as a violation of criminal laws, morality or these terms and conditions of participation. Illegal content must be removed immediately or will be removed immediately. In such cases, prizes can also be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.


  1. The Participant assigns the exclusive rights to use the work results created by the Participant at the Battleweeks to Beiersdorf AG, without any limitation in terms of time, territory or kind of use, hereinafter: “Material”. Beiersdorf AG is exclusively entitled to publish, reproduce and exploit the Material for its own purposes or for the purposes of a third party, in whole or in parts, itself or through third parties, in any manner whatsoever - even if the type of use was not known at the time of the event – worldwide and for an indefinite term by way of any media and to apply for all industrial property rights therein, e.g. patents, trademarks and designs, in its own name. Beiersdorf AG is entitled to transfer the rights in total or in parts to third parties, and to grant sublicenses to third parties. The grant of rights takes effect in advance, i.e. Beiersdorf AG becomes the proprietor of the rights for its use at the time the Material is created.
  2. The rights of use granted to Beiersdorf AG include in particular the right to use the Material for advertising purposes and for generally presenting the company. Beiersdorf AG is entitled to further adapt the Material or have third parties further adapt the Material, in particular to make changes, cuts, translations, to further develop it, and to combine the Material with any additional elements. Even if an intended use has been defined in the commission, the assignment of rights is not limited to such use.
  3. Beiersdorf AG shall have the right but no obligation to name the Participant as the author or designer. Beiersdorf AG is, for its part, entitled to affix copyright or trademarks symbols (© and ®) on the Material in its own name.
  4. The Participant is not allowed to use the Material developed for Beiersdorf AG including the drafts and their precursors in the same or any amended form for other third parties.
  5. Upon request by Beiersdorf AG the Participant shall make the Material available to Beiersdorf in every appropriate form (e.g. electronically, print, manuscript, sound-carriers, DVD, as an open file).


  1. The Participant warrants that the Material is free from third-party rights. The Participant shall indemnify Beiersdorf AG (as well as third parties to which Beiersdorf AG has granted usage rights to the Material) from and against any third-party claims asserted due to the use of the Material.
  2. The Participant must draw Beiersdorf AG’s attention to any statutory provisions, in particular provisions of industrial property law, competition law and copyright law, which could preclude any intended usage. The Participant has to inform Beiersdorf AG also in the event that the Material contains signs, insinuations or symbols which may lead to associations or connotations on the part of the public, which are possibly detrimental to Beiersdorf AG’s reputation.


  1. The Participant is obliged to keep all business and company matters, of which he becomes aware due to the Battleweeks confidential and not to pass them on to third parties.
  2. The confidentiality obligation shall continue to apply even after termination of the Battleweeks; it shall end as soon as the confidential information has become publicly known.

General Conditions

  1. Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. Place of jurisdiction is Hamburg, Germany.
  2. Should any provision of these Conditions be or become invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by such provision which corresponds to the spirit and the purpose of the replaced provision to the greatest extent possible.